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Golf and Tennis Fitness Program Tampa, Florida

Golf and Tennis Fitness

Discover the  competitive edge with Fit 4 Life’s innovative golf and tennis fitness program. Our golf fitness program utilizes the benefits of the Medx Stretch machine for flexibility and the Medx Rotary Torso for full range strength development in the muscles used throughout the golf swing. This is the same equipment used on the PGA Tour to train the worlds top golfers. The Fit 4 Life golf fitness program includes the benefits of the one on tennisone personal training program with an emphasis on flexibility and core rotational torque and strength.

Increased flexibility using the Medx stretch machine is proven to improve club head speed, provide easier shoulder turn, prevent injury, produce a wider club arc, and provide greater joint flexibility for quicker, more fluid movements. In golf, repetition is the name of the game. With increased flexibility, more fluid movements, and improved coordination from the Fit 4 Life golf and tennis Fitness program, you can experience the efficiency and performance you have always wanted


The Medx Rotary Torso machine is simply put the most effective way to isolate and strengthen the exact muscles used throughout the golf swing. Increased strength of the core muscles that produce torque, or ability to turn, lead to enhanced posture, improved stamina, and greater club head speed through  the hitting zone. This will add distance to your drive, enhance muscle control in the short game, and improve concentration on the greens.

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Whether you are a serious golfer wanting to shave strokes from your game, or the weekend warrior that is just sick and tired of not being able to complete a full round without fatigue and pain, the Fit 4 Life golf fitness program is for you. Contact us at Tampa, Florida center today and speak with a representative for more information.

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