JennaRae D.

Nov23rd 2020

Fit4Life provides patient-centered care, where each patient has a unique plan of care that fits their personal needs. The owners have gone above and beyond to have some of the highest-end medical and exercise equipment available, which results in high success rates. Each patient is assisted by a skilled Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Physical Therapist Technician at all times. Patients are never left alone wondering if they are performing exercises correctly, but instead they are educated on how to perform each exercise safely and effectively, what muscles the exercise targets, and why the exercise is important for them. Staff at Fit4Life are constantly assessing patient’s progress, modifying and progressing as needed. Therapy does not stop once you leave the clinic, each patient is provided with a home exercise program and encouraged to perform the exercises on a daily basis to maximize their healing process. The staff themselves maintain a healthy lifestyle, setting examples for their patients. Fit4Life provides an experience that you will not find at any other physical therapy clinic. I am honored to have had the chance to work at this clinic and would recommend it to future patients.