Hetal S.

Nov23rd 2020

We have been dealing with severe lower back issues in our family for over a decade now. Went through couple of discectomies and laminectomies but disc herniation recurred. The only two solutions that we got was either learn to live with the pain or under go more complex surgeries.

We have tried multiple physiotheapy places and almost a year long session with Chiropractors. Every place we went to helped for a while and then the progress stagnated. Fit 4 Life is the first place where we see hope in years. If you are dealing with any kind of rehabilitation, especially lower back and spine issues, this is the best place to go to. You owe it to your self.

Fit4Life has one of the best staff around we have been. They are warm, caring and most importantly dedicated to restoring your health. They have so many different tools and techniques and the decision to use a particular technique a given session, is totally based on the feedback we gave. Unlike many other places, its not like following a fixed regimen for a given number of days and monitor progress.

But their unparalleled assets are the equipment and the spine strengthening training. Fit 4 Life has the largest set up of MedX equipment in Tampa. Whoever we talked to (and we have talked to many) have acknowledged how superior and exceptionally safe, the MedX equipment is for training and rehabilitation. Its commonly used by high level atheletes. Coupled with the therapy on MedX, their strength training program is great. Its an attempt to keep your recovery become a life long practice.

I can’t state enough how different this place is from a conventional physiotherapy places. We stumbled upon them through a reference who got great results. With all these years of working with therapy places, we thought trying one more place won’t hurt. But we are so glad, we found Fit 4 Life. Its the best kept secret for physiotherapy in Tampa. It was always in our backyard and we didnt even know about them!

We love Fit 4 Life. Thanks guys for being so great!