Anthony P.

Nov23rd 2020

I’ve been a Fit4Life client for over a year now requiring therapy to ease the back and neck pain that began in 2016 after a rear end collision. Prior to trying Fit4Life, I went to two other Physical Therapy Clinics that were recommended to me and I began a weekly routine of 2-3 appointments for some time at each clinic. I won’t mention the names of these other clinics, but I will say that none can compare to the knowledgeable staff that treat me at Fit4Life. The owners of this family business, Travis and Fiona Monday are certified therapists and personal trainers that are usually there providing much needed services. Both always kept themselves fit which led to the eventual opening of a Fit4Life clinic in Wisconsin in 1996 that relocated to New Tampa in 2001. Thankfully! Staffing there includes an excellent team of Certified Therapists and Personal Trainers that are committed and all are really good at what they do, never tiring of working with me. None have the egos that I experienced at other clinics for a client like myself requiring long term therapy. You’re welcome to continue visits at Fit4Life until you meet your goal. I felt I was in the right place at my very first appointment because of the knowledgeable, professional therapist that treated me. I found out soon after that they are all professionals. The staff also learns from each other and are all personable, never too proud to offer suggestions or ask questions of each other. I can work with different therapists and the switch is seamless as they are very organized and also offer the newest and best training and therapeutic equipment I’ve had the pleasure of using since each machine focuses on a particular body area. The therapists there know what kind of therapy each patient requires and what tools are most effective for treatment. I feel better after each visit as they follow a plan of therapy for me that allows me to feel looser, less pain and more mobile. I also enjoy conversing with the staff who all seem to enjoy their job as well as where they work. That’s important to me and I wouldn’t go any place else but Fit4Life. They care and you can see that and feel the results. Try them.