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Patient Results:Shoulder and Arm Pain

  • Beginning 3 days after rotator cuff surgery, I worked with Corinne and Alyssa to gently bring back strength and function to my shoulder.  I have made excellent progress and they are wonderful at what they do.  I couldn’t move my arm at first, but now 5 months after surgery I am nearly at normal.  I wouldn’t ask for better results.

    Linda M.

  • I had surgery to repair a full thickness tear to my right rotator cuff.  Four days later I had a heart attack due to a blood clot from the surgery.  This caused a delay to begin physical therapy.  I feared that because of this delay that I wouldn’t have a full recovery.  Thanks to all the staff at Fit 4 Life I have had a complete recovery to the shoulder!  Alyssa and Corinne have been so very patient with me through all the cardiac issues.  It has been 5 months since the shoulder surgery and the therapy has restored full function.  Fit 4 Life offers total and complete privacy which is important to me.  Other places I have been put you in a large area in full view of other patients which made me very uncomfortable.  Fit 4 Life is the very best!

    Marlene S.

  • When I first came to Fit 4 Life the pain in my right arm was awful to the point that I wasn’t able to have a full night sleep.  Even when waking in the mornings my arm would be stiff to the point that I needed my left hand to help me move it for anything.  But after a few months of therapy I’m extremely happy and excited to say my pain is gone!  Thank you everyone at Fit 4 Life.

    Tasha H.

  • I had a shoulder injury when I was a kid that started flaring up almost 30 years later, approximately 3 years ago now.  The tightness and the shooting pain spread to my neck and upper back.  I was seeing the chiropractor regularly, have had numerous massages, heat packs, cold packs, and yoga stretches and none of it gave me relief for more than a day or two.  I’ve learned to live with it while keeping a bottle of pain medication close by.  While doing my personal training session at Fit 4 Life I mentioned this issue to my trainer who had me try the MedX cervical machine.  I was skeptical because it was a shoulder issue and not a neck injury, but I tried it anyways.  After one session I had pain relief for more than 5 days!  I know incorporate the neck machine into my weekly workout and am so thrilled at the results! Thank you!

    Kim T.

  • I have been a dental hygienist for 20 years.  Because of my job, I have had a lot of pain in recent years in my neck and shoulder.  I decided to try physical therapy, and WOW!  What a difference!  Pretty early on into my treatment at Fit 4 Life, I started noticing much less pain and improvement in my range of motion.  I have been impressed with the knowledge of the therapists and how my problem was targeted, addressed and relieved in a matter of weeks.  I have already referred several colleagues and family members here!  Thank you Fit 4 Life!

    Alicia S.

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