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Patient Results:Neck Pain

  • I came to Fit 4 Life because I was having pain in my neck and headaches every day from being a hairstylist.  My neighbor recommended me and told me how awesome they are so I have it a shot.  After a few weeks my headaches stopped and my pain eased up.  Now I am able to get through work without any pain for the first time since I started my career!  The staff is amazing and sweet also.  I would recommend anyone who is struggling with pain and aches to come here!

    Bethany M.

  • After years of living with pain from injuries to my neck and upper back, I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Fit 4 Life for treatment a little over a year ago.  I began with physical therapy, graduating to the maintenance program in three months, and can honestly say that I have just spent my first pain-free summer in seven years!  I cannot recommend Fit 4 Life highly enough!

    Marjorie T.

  • I struggled with severe headaches daily since a car accident when I was 19.  The headaches grew in severity as I aged.  I tried treatment from a neurologist who called them migraines, acupuncture, physical therapy elsewhere, a pain interventionist, procedures to cauterize the nerve endings, strong drugs for pain and muscle relaxation, and several other methods.  The headaches had become so severe that they were affecting the quality of my life.  Someone recommended Fit 4 Life and I decided to try even another method to relieve my headaches.  Much to my surprise, my headaches disappeared after 3 months of training and at 70 years old, I finally can live without pain!  I owe so much to Fit 4 Life.  I will miss everyone there and the friendly, caring staff.  Thank you all so very much!

    Rachel C.

  • After my recent car accident, I wasn’t sure if my neck would ever feel the same again.  After weeks of training I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Every single person at Fit 4 Life is amazing!  I feel almost like it’s my second home when I walk in the door.  I would recommend Fit 4 Life for anyone in need of physical therapy or personal training.

    Jenilee S.

  • After only a few weeks of physical therapy treatments at Fit 4 Life my month long saga with migraine headaches was finally over.  My headaches had begun to subside, and eventually went away all together.  Fir the first time in quite a while I was headache free thanks to the exceptional staff at Fit 4 Life.  From day 1 the staff has been friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive in my ongoing success of becoming pain free all the time.

    Michele G.

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