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Patient Results:Lower Extremity Pain

  • I came to Fit 4 Life after the doctor said my Achilles tendon was healed from surgery after a complete rupture.  I had strength issues with both ankles from lack of use.  Fit 4 Life did a good job working with strength, balance and flexibility improvement.  I found additional problems with my knees and my back caused by my inactivity.  Fit 4 Life also addressed these issues and I have made significant progress.

    Bruce M.

  • I had always been very active in sports despite physical challenges caused by a traumatic brain injury when I was young.  I had balance issues that caused me to wear bilateral Ankle-Foot Orthoses braces on a daily basis as I had no perception of where my feet were in relation to space, had lots of weakness in my lower extremities and I had to train my muscles how to work separate from each other.  I no longer wear the braces, just inserts in my shoes.  The staff is always friendly and always willing to lend a hand as well as listen to my concerns and questions. Thank you!

    Robyn S.

  • Fit 4 Life literally has given me back my life.  One year ago I was walking very badly with pain, a limp and dependent on a cane.  With the help and encouragement of the Fit 4 Life staff I am now stronger than I have been in many years.  I also had osteoporosis and it has been reversed.  I had 3 hip surgeries (one was a bad surgery) and Fit 4 Life has been my life saving group of “angels” for helping me through this.  Thanks guys and gals for all the encouragement.

    Marge B.

  • I had a total knee replacement followed by at home physical therapy in early September which left me in need of further exercise at a rehab facility.  From my very first step inside Fit 4 Life I was certain I had chosen the perfect place.  I had a goal to dance on my 40th anniversary at the end of November.  Insurance benefits were verified and my first appointment was scheduled.  My therapy was coordinated with my doctor too.  The Fit 4 Life therapists and trainers all worked well together and the machines are upscale.  The staff’s encouragement and positive attitude made each session less challenging.  After three months of targeted therapy I was able to transition into personal training.  I look forward to better core muscle strength, better posture, more energy and overall improved health.  Fit 4 Life has really made a difference.  And I did dance on my 40th!

    Margaret C.

  • Fit 4 Life is a group of dedicate people who helped me progress from a period of major pain and limited mobility to the life I had 20 years earlier.  Granted I have aged and my body is not the same as it was when I was 20-30 years old.  However, aging does not main I have to be in pain.  When I came into Fit 4 Life I was skeptical and didn’t know what to expect.  I was in constant pain, somewhat hunched over with pain and numbness in my legs.  The therapists were awesome.  They really cared and helped me go from major pain to minimal/no pain in a short period of time.  They also encouraged me to help myself by offering at home exercises to speed up the process.  Everyone on the Fit 4 Life team needs to be commended for their concern and enthusiasm to help me be become one of their “success” stories.

    Ken A.

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