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Patient Results:Golf and Sports Training

  • Fit 4 Life training improved my golf game.  I got noticeably stronger and more flexible which lengthened my drives by about 30 yards.  I like the personal attention of the one-on-one training and the extraordinary encouragement of the trainers.


    Jonathan C.

  • I have been attending Fit 4 Life for almost 3 months, and I have gained strength and tone in all key areas of my body.  I simply feel overall healthier.  I am an avid golfer and will try anything improve my game.  After four weeks of training I noticed a substantial difference in my game.  My overall distance increased as much as 30 to 50 yards.  This has made a huge difference in my game!  I can only attribute this to my training at Fit 4 Life. Thank you!

    Michael B.

  • I have been coming to Fit 4 Life since 2001 and I feel better now than I did then.  I have increased my energy so much that I still work full time at the age of 70.  My golf game has improved so much that I am hitting the ball about 30 yards further on my drives.  Years ago I was told I had to have shoulder surgery and because of Fit 4 Life I have not had the surgery.  A lot has happened over the last ten years and thanks to Fit 4 Life I feel better than I did 10 years ago.

    Claus S.

  • Two years ago my buddies told me I needed to move up a tee box.  Drives were 190 yard average and theirs were 220.  We are all in our 60’s.  Instead of moving up I went to Fit 4 Life and improvement was noticed within one month.  After one year my average drive was 215 yards only going once a week for training.  Now I’m hitting a five iron instead of a 3-wood.  I absolutely recommend this fitness program to anyone looking for flexibility along with strength!

    Mark M.

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