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Patient Results:Back Pain

  • I came here after 6 months of chiropractic care following a rear end car collision.  The goal was to strengthen the core muscles to support the spinal column. Success achieved.  My spine has maintained alignment, while strengthening the muscles is greatly increasing range of motion.


    Jim G.

  • Fit 4 Life helped me to overcome my lower back pain.  The staff was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.  Their professional approach and genuine concern was evident and brought much comfort when I was anxious about my recovery.  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the kindness of everyone.  It is evident that they really care about their clients and go the extra mile to make the recovery process as pleasant as possible.  Their unique equipment also played a major role in the strengthening and healing process.  I would highly recommend Fit 4 Life to anyone who unfortunately is suffering from back pain.  It would be the best thing they could do to relieve their discomfort.  I am grateful that I found Fit 4 Life.

    Elena L.

  • Ever since my car accident 10 years ago I’ve always had lower back pain.  Since I have been working out at Fit 4 Life not only have I lost my weight, I am finally pain free!  No massage or doctor every relieved the pain to where it didn’t exist.  Fit 4 Life has been the way to go to relieve all my back aches!

    Kelly A.

  • One year ago I came to Fit 4 Life.  I had been experiencing severe back pain and had seen numerous doctors and was given multiple prescriptions.  All of the doctors said the back pain would just go away.  The pain didn’t go away and the medications made me feel even worse.  So, I made an appointment at Fit 4 Life.  I remember telling the physical therapist that I couldn’t stay that evening because I was in too much pain, but I wanted to know what type of therapy was available.  She told me that we could start right then and while the pain wasn’t instantly gone, when I left that night I did feel better.  After several more visits, I realized that I was walking around without discomfort and had not needed any type of pain medication.  The therapist helped me to transition to physical training to continue strengthening my back and regain my flexibility.  All of the personal trainers have been encouraging and motivating.  I now have twice weekly sessions with Travis.  He monitors and continually adjusts the workout to meet my needs and eliminate any further injury.  My husband and I both have continued twice weekly training and see great benefits in our overall health and fitness.  Thank you Fit 4 Life, you truly gave me my life back!

    Sharon Z.

  • I have suffered with chronic lower back pain for over twenty years, following an injury on a construction site.  During that time I had undergone many different treatments without success, often being told that the damage was permanent and that, like many others, I’d just have to live with the pain.  For me this has meant a constantly aching back, with sporadic muscle spasms and periods of debilitating pain.  Then I moved to Tampa and found the Fit 4 Life team.  The result is becoming truly life changing.  The combination of the MedX lumbar and strength training machines, in conjunction with the Superslow technique, it’s working wonders. My days are now often pain-free and I can go about my daily life without the constant fear of triggering an acute attack.  I can’t begin to tell you how good this feels after years of misery!  I hope that my case will encourage other to put their trust in the Fit 4 Life techniques.  My back is providing daily proof that they work!

    Graham L.

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