7 Ways to Stay Active at Work

active-at-work Jun22nd 2016

Does your desk job have you spending more time indoors and less time being active and mobile. This can lead to stiffness, fatigue and difficulties in accomplishing your daily activities and tasks. Despite the stack of papers piling up, you need to find ways to keep moving and make daily efforts to be healthy. By doing so, you will have more energy and be able to focus better, therefore, making you more productive at work!

Here are some easy steps and fun alternatives to increase movement, decrease pain and increase your energy: 

1. Plan your daily activity/ exercise routine and decide to get up and get moving!

2. Get up from your chair every 20 minutes: Take a quick lap around work or the house.

3. Walk or exercise at least 30 minutes everyday: Go on a walk at lunch when its warmest outside.

4. Drink plenty of water: Have one glass of water with each meal or snack

5. Stretch your legs, hips, spine and neck daily for 10 minutes: Make this part of your morning and bedtime routine.

6. Take deep breaks throughout the day: Inhale and exhale for 5 seconds each.

7. Do strengthening exercises at least 2-3 times a week: Try a work out video or go to a group exercise class such as yoga or Zumba.